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Cell Site Installation & Maintenance Specialists

Whether your project is a new build, reinforcement, repair of existing towers, or simple maintenance, Don-Lors Electronics has the expertise and experience to handle any challenge. Contact us today for assistance with your next project.

Cell Tower Technician

Antenna & Radio Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Our Michigan tower crews perform all installation and maintenance repairs on cell tower antennas and Radios. With years of wireless system design experience, and formal training and certifications in, 10 & 30-Hour OHSA, RF Safety & Awareness, Comtrain, First Aid and CPR. Provide us with a scope of work and DLE can install, or upgrade your current 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G network.

DLE technicians are knowledgeable, trained and experienced in trouble shooting and resolving cell antenna and radio issues while on site. We have installed, maintained and serviced all types of cell antenna installations on Towers, Monopoles, High Voltage Towers, Rooftop's, Billboards, Flagpoles, Water tanks, and In Building Repeater and Amplifier systems.

DLE can also deploy our dedicated Michigan based Tiger Team crews to help carriers to investigate, solve, build, or recommend possible solutions in optimizing their sites and resolving their issues correctly and quickly.

5G lightpole

Small Cell and 5G

Small cells are miniature cell phone towers that can be placed in inconspicuous places such as light poles and the roof tops. They do not require as much power as full-sized towers, and perform better when clustered together. Small cells are a cost-effective way of increasing the number of cell sites with high user demand and to fill in areas not covered by the macro network. More communities are looking to small cells to eliminate the need for lager cell towers. This improves coverage on city streets and metro areas. 5G brings a collection of new technologies, and the most popular are small cells. Don-Lors Electronics (DLE) has years of experience installing, commissioning, integration, and repair of Small Cells. Small Cells are ideally suited to help deliver 5G connections where they are needed most. Small cells can also be deployed in buildings and high-capacity venues such as airports, college campuses, train stations, shopping malls, and sports stadiums which are otherwise difficult to reach using traditional macro cells. Small Cells also improve network performance and service quality by off loading from large macro-cells.
tower integrator

Integration and Commissioning

DLE's Integration technicians will expertly provide integration, commissioning, configuration, troubleshooting, and testing of 5G, 4G/TE, CDMA, and UMTS cellular/mobile technology equipment. DLE will deploy to cell site locations, whether on a pole or a 2000' communication tower, DLE can successfully install, integrate, commission, and troubleshoot your site.  DLE can provide our excellent end-to-end turnkey solutions to new site builds, troubleshooting, decommissioning, and carrier adds. 

DLE has the expertise to install and service all systems including installation, integration, testing, transport, alarm, power, ground, cell site routers, and E911 call testing.  DLE will load software and scripts to ensure capabilities are designed, integrated, call, and speed tested, deployed, and maintained properly.  Upon completion, DLE will provide photos and close out documentation for the entire cell site.

microwave tower


Don-Lors Electronics (DLE) has years of experience installing and servicing Tower Microwave systems in Michigan. LTE is evolving rapidly, and 5G is here. The next step to providing enhanced and diversified services with deployments in developing areas is with microwave. Microwave back haul is an integral element in your wired and/or wireless network that ensures optimal bandwidth and speed for data transfer. Many large deployments will be in regions where microwave systems are the obvious choice. Networks are evolving incrementally to higher throughput and lower latency. Microwave continues to be a key enabler for mobile broadband.

tower builds

Tower Builds

DLE has worked for all the major cell carriers and tower companies in Michigan. DLE has the years of experience and can provide the turnkey solutions you are looking for. Our crews have the experience, training, and are equipped to complete all needed services safely, quickly, and efficiently for your site plan.

tower reinforcement

Tower Reinforcement Projects

Michigan Cell Towers are being overstressed beyond their initial structural capacity. To continue to comply with tower loading and code requirements, reinforcement projects must be done to strengthen existing telecom towers to increase their antenna carrying capacity. Whether its Stand off Arm Reinforcements to provide extra capacity to tower platforms or sector frame stabilizer kits that add additional support to existing sector frames, DLE provides all the Michigan services needed for your tower upgrade modifications and reinforcement projects.
drone cell tower

Drone Services

Our cell tower drone inspection solutions offer high definition images and videos that allow for real time identification of potential problems and provide an archive of valuable data. Drones allow for reduced costs, reducing inspections times and improved safety.

Our Michigan based flight crew can get your inspection done quickly and accurately.

Your cell tower inspections are completed with our FAA Certified Remote Pilots (part 107)

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