Nationwide Installation of Audio/Video Systems

TV and Audio Solutions for Restaurants & Bars, Senior Living, Waiting rooms, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Casinos, Health Clubs, Prisons, Campgrounds & more

Our experienced business specialists will work with you to design and install the perfect TV solution for your property and your budget.

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Restaurants, Bars, Office, & Waiting Rooms

The addition of HDTV can give your Restaurant, Salon or Waiting room with state-of-the-art technology - for a price that makes sense


Multi Family, Universities, Medical Centers, Prisons, and more

The addition of HDTV can give your property added value. Our single satellite dish solution keeps your property clean and simple while delivering state-of-the-art technology - all for a price that makes sense


Hotel & Hospitality

Don-Lors Electronics has years of experience designing and installing head end systems for your Hotels. Hotels can now deliver HDTV programming to their entire property, while conserving energy and space, with DISH smartbox. More than a commercial satellite receiver, smartbox is a highly integrated video distribution platform. Now availible with Netflix & Livestreaming TV wth Evolve TV service for hotels.

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