Nationwide Installation of Audio/Video Systems
We can mount and install your TV, set up your audio and video products, and integrate them into your home network and smart home devices. Whether you need a whole home theater system setup or a single TV installed, we can help. Call today for a same day or next day install!  1.866.366.5677 


  • Most consumers have no idea what to clean their screen with. Our screen cleaner gives them a safe way to ensure their electronics are always clean and have a fresh, clean look.
  • 100% non-toxic & alcohol and ammonia free
  • Safe for LCD, LED, phones, tablets, navigation screens, and many more!
  • Cleaning all screens in a household to show the different use cases for the screen cleaner

Screen Cleaner Kit (2 PACK)

  • Product comes with 2 bottles and 2 cloths
  • Cleaning Steps:

    • Step 1 - Power off TV or device and let it cool down for a couple minutes
    • Step 2 - Spray cleaning solution on cloth, not directly on TV or device
    • Step 3 - Wipe TV or device until fully cleaned
    • Step 4 - Use dry side of cloth to buff off excess residue or cleaner
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