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  • Power surges happen all the time - not just during storms or when severe weather strikes. Is your favorite tech protected? Surge protectors create a barrier of protection between your loved gadgets and destructive power surges.
  • A surge protector safeguards electronics from the harmful effects of power surges and voltage spikes. Surge protectors have the ability to absorb and dissipate the power of a surge, so that connected equipment is shielded from the surge.
  • Joule ratings indicate how much energy the surge protector can absorb. The higher the rating, the greater the protection. If you plan to plug multiple devices into a surge protector, choose one with a higher Joule rating.
  • Did you know surge protectors don't last forever? It's a good idea to check your surge protector regularly to ensure the protective components have not expired. There are two easy ways to make sure your devices are still being protected. One way is to simply see if the indicator light is glowing on the surge protector. If it's glowing, that means it's doing its job and protecting your valuable devices! Another way to know if its time for a new surge protector is pretty easy. If your surge protector has an auto-shutoff feature, it will shut off power to your devices once the protective components have expired.
  • 10 AC outlets
  • 2 USB ports, 2.1A - 10 watts
  • 6ft. cord with flat plug
  • 3540 joules
  • Blue LED indicator light - shows surge protector is working properly
  • 4 adapter-spaced outlets
  • 35% Ultra Charge - safely charges faster than 5.0W USB chargers
  • Auto shutdown technology - stops power to devices once protection expires
  • Integrated circuit breaker - for overload protection
  • Power filter - for cleaner sound and picture
  • Protect your connected devices from everyday surge events which could compromise your electronic devices.

Surge Protector 10x2 Pro

  • PEACE OF MIND. Features automatic shutdown technology to protect your electronic equipment as well as integrated circuit breaker for overload protection.
  • SECURE ALL DEVICES. 10 AC Outlets including four adapter-spaced outlets as well as 2 USB with 2.1A/10W rapid charging capability.
  • PURE POWER. Power filter provides a cleaner sound and picture experience.
  • ULTRA CHARGE. Adds convenience throughout your home by safely charging 35% faster.
  • CONVENIENCE. Flat plugs can fit in tight spaces behind furniture.


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