Nationwide Installation of Audio/Video Systems
Multi-Family Communities

Multi-Family Communities

Make residents happy by giving them DISH as an option for their home. Best of all, we can install without satellite antennas on every balcony. We keep it clean and simple with DISH Smartbox. Learn More



Connect the campus without slowing up the access. DISH Smartbox gives students thousands of channels, without compromising your campus network connection. And our durable system means it will last. Even in the freshman dorms. Learn More


Medical Centers

DISH Smartbox gives your patients the comfort of entertainment, and we give you state-of-the-art technology - all for a price that makes sense. Learn More



DISH Smartbox can give your prison more choices at a better value. Learn More

Retail & Other Businesses


DISH can give your property instant added value. And you didn't even have to pick up a hammer. We've designed our programming packages to offer you more choices at a better value. Learn More

Businesses Smart Box

Smart Box

The DISH Smartbox is the simple, affordable, and future-proofed way to deliver HD TV across your entire property. This revolutionary technology is designed to provide a high-quality television experience on any TV, over any network, at any kind of property. Though the Dish smartbox itself is small, the benefits are huge delivering an efficient way to deliver quality TV to its guests. Click for more information

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