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smartbox technology

The smartbox is a flexible satellite television platform targeted at hotels and hospitality operations that improves the in-room entertainment experience for guests and reduces the total cost of ownership for operators.
The technology packed inside smartbox is why it's revolutionary. What used to need an entire room is now housed within a box slightly bigger than a microwave - and it's smaller than any other product of its kind, smartbox is also loaded with savings - cost, space and energy - never seen before in the industry.


The first-ever solution to deliver video to multiple areas of a hotel from a single platform while having the flexibility to evolve with your business needs.

Monitored and managed

Offers an integrated wireless modem that connects to the private and secure DISH network. The network is continually monitored for real-time updates on the status of each smartbox.


The first consolidated video platform that has the ability to service any property configuration or infrastructure.


Developed with backup redundancies to mitigate potential mechanical issues on equipment operating 24/7.

Total cost of ownership

Operates in temperatures up to 122°F; reducing the need for expensive cooled equipment rooms. Smartbox only requires 300 watts of power for a typical 40-channel HD lineup, representing a savings of approximately 90% over existing solutions.

Smartbox Specifications

Feature Capability
Satellite reception Up to 96 programs
OTA reception Up to 32 programs
QAM output 16, 48 or 96 QAM channels
Analog output 24,48 or 72 channels
IP output Up to 5 Gbps
Content protection Pro:Idiom
Transcoding MP4/2 to MP2/4
Wireless modem 3G data connection for NMS
Size 5RU
Power Typical hotel <300 watts
"Wanted to inform you that our cutout testing was accomplished on all four buildings with excellent results. The DISH Smartbox signal was significantly improved over the Comcast quality, so quite pleased here with our decision. I also wanted to mention the work done by Jeremy Strickland to get us to this point, he has been exceptional! Both competent and professional and was familiar with Hospital environments. Definitely on your 'A' Team."

W. Bud McIrvin CBET, CHFM
Providence Regional Medical Center
Everett, WA
Manager Biomedical & Facilities Engineering Services
  • The highest-density free-to-guest headend in the market
  • Simplifies the installation by working with existing property wiring.
  • Produces the same channel lineup on all output interfaces simultaneously
  • Streamlines the monitoring and management of individual smartbox installations through Network Management System (NMS).
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